Procedure and Fees

McGhee child portraitTo ensure the best possible outcome and quality for your commissioned portrait, Patricia Haskins McWilliams follows a distinct procedure. Not only does this allow the artist to meet her subjects and become familiar with their traits and personalities, it encourages communication and sets expectations for the painting.


Ms. McWilliams comes to the client’s location for a photography session, which takes approximately two hours. A broad range of photos will be taken, to ensure multiple angles, backgrounds, expressions and features are captured.

After photographing the subject, the artist then returns to her studio to select an appropriate pose and devise the composition. The artist will provide a general timeline for completion.

Upon completion, the artist makes arrangements for the portrait to be delivered to the client.


  Child Adult
Head and shoulders $8,500 $9,500
Three-quarter figure $10,000 $11,000
Full Figure $13,000 $15,000

Please note that all travel, lodging, framing and shipping expenses are in addition to the prices listed above. Each additional figure on the same canvas will be 20% less than the above prices. The cost for painting animals or specific backgrounds begins at $1,000 and will be estimated depending on the size of the portrait and its complexity.

Commission a Portrait

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait painted by Patricia Haskins McWilliams, please contact the artist directly at 615.403.1745 or through the website. 

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