With more than four decades of work to mark her ongoing career, Patricia Haskins McWilliams has firmly established herself as a renowned portrait artist throughout the country. She specializes in life-sized portraits of children, teens and adults, painted individually, as couples or in groups. Below is a sampling of the artist’s work, illustrative of her style, attention to detail and skill.

  • Katie, Bo & Liza 46x46


    McWilliams’ uncommon rapport with children stems from her institutional experience with Elementary Education. She’s able to connect with children at their level, coaxing them into letting their personality show. The result is an image that’s uniquely representative of the child, capturing not only their likeness but their essence and disposition.

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  • Katelin & Christopher 40x38

    Adults and Teens

    McWilliams’ work with adults and teens captures the spirit of a mature individual in a pose or setting that exemplifies them. From formal stances and sophisticated attire, to lovingly candid moments, each person and moment is illustrated with care. The impressionistic realism of each portrait creates a timeless quality that’s true to form, yet stylistically nuanced.

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  • Darnell


    A commissioned portrait immortalizes the true dynamic of a family by capturing the character of every member. McWilliams paints with diligence to distinctly portray each individual flawlessly, while accurately depicting the closeness and love family members have for each other.

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To see more work by the artist, please visit Patricia Haskins McWilliams social media channels or browse her online gallery. For more information about commissioning a portrait, please contact McWilliams directly at 615.403.1745 or through the website. Information about the procedure and fees can be found here.